Best Business SEO Practices in On Page Optimisation

The Internet has grown incredibly fast since its inception, leading to ever more complex SEO strategies to differentiate one website from thousands of others. Our London SEO company offers On Page Optimisation as part of the strategy. On Page Optimisation refers to coding certain content on your website pages so that a search engine will find keywords or phrases. This strategy is usually accompanied by Off Page Optimisation.

On Page Optimisation includes the creation of HTML tags for keywords. But repeating the same keyword over and over will not result in a higher search engine ranking. In fact, if other London SEO companies suggest this, beware. It can often result in a search engine ‘penalty’ that lowers your site’s ranking.

Beware of unethical SEO Services

There a number of unethical techniques that can get your site demoted or banned that other SEO companies may promote. Hidden or invisible text is an unethical practice that is often penalised. Other unscrupulous tactics include cloaking or sneaky redirects and duplicate content. Some unsavoury SEO companies will try to convince you that these On Page techniques will provide fast results, but in the long term they will damage your search ranking and your reputation and you may receive a ban from the Search engines.

We are proud to say that Cresco SEO only follows ethical or white hat practices. White hat SEO techniques are those that search engines recommend versus black hat SEO techniques they do not approve of. As a white hat SEO services London provider, we produce results that are long lasting and meaningful versus black hat short lived and negative results. Our SEO services company does not simply follow guidelines. We work hard to ensure your website content is relevant to users so that they drive your site’s popularity. User friendly navigation and easy readability are vital, while incorporating keywords in a subtle and ethical way. Considering your customer needs and preferences first will help ensure they don’t click the back button or search for your competitors instead. Each page of your website should include a title tag, which also has significance in search engines. Thought must be given to titles to keep them short and readable yet with keywords that drive engine search rankings.

Meta tags are also important for On Page Optimisation. These are HTML codes inserted after the title tag that include Meta keywords and description tags. These are not seen by the user when viewing your website, but they provide Meta document data to search engines, which enhances your ranking.

Along with On Page Optimisation and other SEO techniques, keeping your website content new and fresh is another way to draw customers back to your website. In addition to the technical aspects of taking your website heads above the competition, Cresco SEO experts can assist with website design and development.

SEO packages for On Page Optimisation include the creation of HTML code, Meta tags, and keyword placement and density within your website. Combining these services with Off Page Optimisation will maximize your keyword function.

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