Link Building Advice from Cresco SEO

Link building refers to the number of incoming links that point to your site. There are a host of tasks that go into link building to help your website gain popularity. Search engines analyse popularity by the number of links feeding into a website page, as well as other metrics.

We have designed our link building package to include a multi-tiered approach suited to your unique business needs. Links can be built through directory submissions, article writing and press releases, blogs and forums, social media profiles, and referrals from other sites to name a few. The important thing is that incoming links originate from content that is relevant to your business or service or they will have minimal impact.

One of the easiest ways you can start to build up links is from people you already do business with, such as vendors and suppliers, trade associations, your local chamber of commerce, customer sites, and so forth.

However, it is important to ensure that their page ranks are equally high so that your page isn’t negated by a low ranking site. This is also true of reciprocal links, where you agree to exchange links with a business in the same market that isn’t direct competition.

But who you know usually isn’t enough to make a distinct impact on search engine ranking. Getting listed in major web directories can be useful for more global recognition. Some will charge a fee while others are free.

Article writing is an excellent way to build links, as well as press release submissions, which are part of our UK SEO services. Articles and press releases allow you to place a link to your site within the text, as well as the inclusion of keywords in the body of the article.

Message boards and blogs also allow you to include links in the signature line of your posts. However, you should only post on quality sites relevant to your business. Posting on other people’s blogs is another way to take advantage of this medium. This shouldn’t be about spamming your link on countless blogs, but about building relationships with other likeminded forums using relevant content that will naturally draw people to your link.

Social media profiles are another way to insert your website link, share company news, and grow a customer following. Like websites, social media profiles should not be stagnant or people will find little reason to return. Fresh, relevant, and frequently updated content is always important.

Paid advertisements are another option, though these should also be on sites that are pertinent to your industry and from trusted sources. But just because an SEO company promises a big return on advertising, you should do due diligence on a number of factors.

Wherever your link appears, the number of people actually clicking on your link, known as click-through-rate (CTR), is an indication to search engines that your page is relevant. Building a high CTR for your website is our goal at Cresco SEO. Link building is a big undertaking, but Cresco SEO specialists can help simplify the process with a well-planned strategy that will ensure a higher search engine rank and increased traffic to your site.

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