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As a UK based SEO company, we consider Off Page Optimisation as important a tool as On Page Optimisation. Search engines display two types of results – paid advertisements and non-paid listings. Websites can take advantage of both to increase search engine ranking.

Paid advertisements typically involve payments as a result of clicks on an ad, or pay-per-click (PPC). Natural listings, those that aren’t paid, depend on SEO techniques to boost listings. Many London SEO companies can take advantage of you through paid advertisements, so caution and research is recommended.

Search engines have their own algorithms. These determine whether sites meet search engine requirements and a natural ranking through On Page keywords and key phrases in a search query. But there are also Off Page Optimisation techniques that help improve search engine rank and increase visitor traffic to your site.

Off Page effectiveness is mostly related to link popularity. Every link from another website to yours is considered in your site’s popularity. The more links from other sites, the higher your importance from a search engine’s perspective. As an SEO consultant in the UK, we know that there are other distinct ways in which search engines evaluate these links, and it is not all about numbers.

The websites that link to your site should be relevant to your content from a search engine and customer perspective. The number of sites linking to your site will boost ranking but some are more beneficial than others. The Google page rank of each site that links to yours is also a major factor. The higher their rank, the more it will increase yours.
The keywords of the linking site are also important; they should indicate the area of relevance to your site but not be identical as that will not be seen as a natural linking. Therefore, similar but varied keywords are critical.

Another consideration is the title page of the linking website. If it contains one of your keywords and is relevant in content, it will increase your ranking. Many small businesses will share links believing it is a mutual benefit and some SEO consultants may try to convince you of this. However, this can negate some of your page rank to the other site’s ranking. It is important that your SEO specialists ensure that the other site is the same or higher rank than yours so you don’t negate your rank as a result.

Another factor on Off Page Optimisation is inbound and outbound linking. If a site linking to yours also links to thousands of other sites, it carries less weight than if it only links to a selective number of sites. If that site is also an ‘authority’ on your field of industry, it will improve your ranking. Not only does this help with search engine rank but also customer satisfaction about relevant and credible content.

There are many factors to consider in Off Page and On Page optimization. At Cresco SEO , we offer Off Page Optimisation SEO packages that go hand in hand with On Page Optimisation to maximize your presence on the internet.

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