SEO Companies Use Keyword Research to Target Customer Traffic

Keyword research is the foundation of a meaningful SEO campaign. Much of your success will depend on how extensively keyword research is conducted. Choose the wrong keywords and your customers may never find you. This translates into lost revenue and useless rankings. It also means a waste of time, energy and money.

Staying competitive requires a thorough investigation into the keywords or key phrases by SEO specialists who can help elevate your ranking so that customers will find you.

That’s where Cresco SEO comes in. We are an SEO consultancy with years of experience researching keywords for a host of industries, from small independent businesses to giant conglomerates. We don’t make the assumption that common industry words or phrases will lead potential customers to your site. In fact, that’s most likely to fail.

Keyword research is about discovering about what people are most interested in, and in what numbers. As an SEO expert UK team, we have understanding of the language people use on given topics and the most likely way they will enter words to search for products or services.

Although you may know your website inside out, it is not always easy to predict how a customer might search for it. Jargon that may be familiar in your industry may not ring familiar with a customer. For example, the keyword “PPC” may be a familiar acronym for SEO companies in London, but people who don’t understand the pay-per-click terminology may be more likely to type in “about sponsored links.”

The trick is not to evaluate your site in a tunnel vision mentality. Most customers come from outside the business or service they are searching for, which is why they need you. As SEO consultants, we work hard to ensure that customers will find your business by tailoring very specific keywords and key phrases. These are targeted to your unique site with a deep understanding of customer language.

Once we have worked with you to determine the most appropriate keywords, SEO specialists will include them in more than your website content. We have the latest available tools to make the process of finding the most profitable keywords quicker than ever and can efficiently deduce a number of factors:

  • How many people search for a specific word or phrase in a given period
  • How many of those people are more likely to make a purchase than simply looking for free information
  • Competition for the keyword or key phrase

This SEO report data helps us evaluate the value of a keyword in terms of how it will generate traffic to your site. But it is not enough to identify On Page keywords on your webpage. Our comprehensive SEO packages and SEO services include Off Page strategies to get other sites to link to you, which increase your ranking on search engines. Our keyword research services include identifying keywords, keyword analysis, keyword selection, and effectively using keywords On Page and Off Page to optimise search engine results. With our diverse range of experience and tools, Cresco SEO is committed to expanding your visibility in the Internet marketplace.

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